19 May, 2017

Non-Touristy Things to do In London

This blog post has taken me WAY TOO LONG to write, for that, I apologise! I can only claim, distraction, but I did want to write an entire blog post about some of the best non-touristy things to do in London, or at least the ones I experienced.

I want to start with my absolute favourite, a gem of a find, the Southbank Book Market! It is everything the name describes, a book market along the Southbank of the Thames (remember to pronounce it Themz). On Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays independent sellers will set up tables and lay out second-hand books, some very old, some just a few years old but there end up being hundreds of books to choose from. All of them for reason prices, in my opinion. 
Tip: Do not plan something else after you go to the book market, make sure to go back to your hotel or airbnb to drop off the books you purchased. I had plans immediately after and ended up having to haul them with me. Which also kept me from purchasing as many as I wanted. 

Immediately after I went to Southbank Book Market I did my next non-touristy thing, and that was to join a lovely Londoner in her own home for an Airbnb experience. Fabulous Fascinators and Afternoon Tea hosted by Sarah was a wonderful chance to do something so authentically English. While she tutored us in the art of making a fascinator, she fixed us tea and we were able to enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea. The groups are no larger than six, and all of the ladies with me were from America, so we had plenty to talk about. Sarah was one of the best tutors I've had and was helpful but also left you to your own devices. I love my fascinator and it was a fun self-made souvenir that I will cherish for my whole life.
Please consider visiting Sarah and making a wonderful Fascinator, tell her Abbi and her navy fascinator sent you 😉 Fabulous Fascinators and Afternoon Tea

The final thing I would encourage any traveller to do is to visit a local Tesco Express. I wish I had visited one the first day of my trip because they did have a lot of the perfect convenience foods that I was looking for when I arrived and didn't find. They also have a huge mix of different deli sandwiches, fun crisps (chips), all the different kinds of candy you can imagine and basically anything you would need to pick up a quick lunch without grabbing fast food! And between Tesco, Sainsbury's and a few others the express or quick stores are all over. 

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