23 May, 2017

Nannylife: Reporting a broken lip tie

This is not my normal fun, or even motivational post, but it's a necessary subject nontheless, and one that I wanted to share so others could use this information.

Not my picture, just my caption on the picture.

About five years ago I was the nanny for a little boy, T who was just a joy to be around. We were busy all the time and had so much fun doing so many things. One of the things he really loved to do is be involved in the kitchen, so his mom had bought a step stool for him so that he could watch or even do things that were age appropriate for him (he was probably 20 months or so at the time). 

Well one day, we're in the kitchen and I'm putting the dishes away when he slips and falls down the stool, sliding all the way down. Normally I'm calm in any emergency, something that being brought up by a firefighter and paramedic taught me, but when a little kid is bleeding from the mouth and it just won't stop, calm kinda goes out the window. 

Now I have very open lines of communication with his parents, and any parents I work with, so I'm immediately calling and trying to figure out what to do. He's already loaded in the car ready for a trip to the ER when dad gets a hold of me and says "No go to the normal Dr and they'll be able to take care of it." I've been to the Dr before, so off we go. 

I love his Dr, she's honest and straight forward, but so friendly. As soon as we get their we're rushed in, it's still bleeding a bit, which of course I'm still worried about. He won't let me touch it and look at where the bleeding is coming from, so I'm anxious to see the Dr. 

Once she gets in she gives her normal friendly greeting, begins the examinations but then her friendly demeanor towards me disappears as she holds T on the table. He had broken his lip tie, and while the nurse keeps him busy she begins her interrogation. 

"How did he fall" "When did he fall" "What were you doing" "What was he doing" "Where were you standing" "How did he fall again" 

The questions just seemed to go on, until finally she seemed content and she explained why she had gotten so serious, and this is why I share this information with you. In cases of abuse where a child is hit across the face, a child's lip tie will sometimes break. So if a lip tie is broken, it needs to be documented so that if something ever happens they know when and why it was broken. 

I hope this information helps you. I know it's not fun, but maybe it will help someone. 

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