02 May, 2017

A Beautiful April Saturday

Last Saturday was one of the blissful Saturdays that Josh gives me where it's all about meeting my needs. So it was a day full of shopping, then out to a late lunch, following by a trip to a local bakery so I could try macaroons for the first time!

Today was one of the blissful days where we got to spend the whole day out and about, shopping and spending time together. It was literally one of my favorite days I've had since London!! 

First up was a stop by the local seller of honey, to grab a 22oz jar for $12!! Love supporting locals and getting fresh, organic honey in the process!!

Next we hit up Home Goods, and found ourselves some specialty foods, a mug, globe and salt shakes I just couldn't live without. And who in the world could pass up wrapping paper with party zebras and gold foil cacti?? 

The local New Age store was next on the list, and we found our newest bumper sticker, a jasper turtle, that I quickly fell in love with that hid on the back of the shelf waiting for me to find, and a wonderful magnet to add to my collection! 

We'd worked up quite the appetite so we headed out to one of favorite stops in Broad Ripple, Three Wise Men Brewing Company, which besides it's microbrewery, boasts some of the best pizza (in my pizzaholic opinion). I enjoyed an extra cheesy pizza and a delicious strawberry lemonade while Josh sampled some of their beers and a sausage, pepperoni, bacon and banana pepper calzone! 

Now it was time to venture out in search of macaroons!! It had been the end goal for the whole day, to end the day with me trying a macaroon. So we tried the first bakery, only to be met with sad faces as they were already sold out. A quick yelp search yielded a very close bakery and a call was made to make sure that they were still in stock of our elusive macaroons. With the promise of macaroons we made our way to The Gallery Bakery. Now to try the macaroons and see if they could be liked by this picky eater!! 

Needless to say it was a beautiful April Saturday, full of laughter, and quality time with my wonderful husband!! I will never stop being grateful for this amazing man in my life!

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