24 March, 2017

Preparing for London

Ahhhh London. Oh the dream of London, but that is another post. Which I will link, as soon as it's written ;) so the first step to preparing for any trip, before you book tickets or sometimes even decide on a location should be pinterest. Why is this?
1. It gives you some great, great advice. From people have been there, live there, and love traveling there.
2. Pinterest in general has amazing travel trips, including articles about budgets and what to pack for various places. This can also effect your budget.
3. Even if you've decided on your location (like I had) it's a great resource for places to visit to fill in your trip, places to stay, and things you'll need to know for your trip.
4. Pinterest helped me find ideas for other places I might want to see. Of course I had my list of must-sees, but I wanted some other ideas as well. I also appreciated seeing in-depth articles written about places that I was already planning on visiting! Thank you pinterest!

Guidebooks in my mind are the thing you first pick up when you're thinking of places. You're browsing at the local bookstore and you think Australia sounds like your next vacation spot, so you grab the guidebook and start researching. As you start really focusing, you start flagging specific pages, or at least that's what I do. Considering I've been planning this trip most of my life, I didn't need to flag pages anymore I had a running list in my mind of the places I needed to hit. Because I'll only be in London for this trip, I still have places that will need to be checked off that are in England or in the British Isles. 

Next came the actually planning process. This was a spur of the moment decision for me. In which I asked the question, "What am I waiting for?" I'm young, I'm not working right now, so what am I waiting for?
I started shopping flights, started looking at places to stay, and in another article I'll talk about how I saved money on my trip to London! This process also included trying to find dates, and working those around everyone's schedule, while lining them up with some of the tours I wanted to take. 

So do you have all that ready and you're ready to press the button?? Ready to pay for the ticket, put it down in writing that you're going? I was nervous, oh my goodness was a nervous. Mr. Bear had to come hold my hand as I pressed the button, that say Purchase Ticket because in my mind it was a lot of money. 

Planning a trip, please comment below and tell me where?? I always need new places to add to my travel bucket lists!!

Planning a trip to England, please check out my Pinterest board, called English Dreams

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