09 July, 2016

Self-Love Encouragement Week

Hello Beautiful Blogging World. For the past few weeks I've blogged about self-love and body positivity. Well since I found the love for myself, I've noticed just how many people struggle with loving themselves.

So this coming week, I'm going to walk you through some self-love posts, and hopefully it will encourage you to make time for yourself, to be in love with yourself, all of you.

I can't say how long it will take, mine feels short now, but the work began over a year ago! So ride this journey with me, and I hope you find the inner voice that tells all the nay-sayers to shut the fuck up!

Each day we'll cover a new "topic" and there will be a prompt at the end, to really focus in what we just talked about.

So please grab some coffee, tea or water and let's get you to the point where your body and your soul are no longer the enemy.

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