14 July, 2016

Day 4: Have a Relationship with You!

You've made it to Day 4, yay!! Today we're going to discuss having a relationship with yourself, ways you can and why you should!

We've spent the last three days talking about having a better outlook on yourself, defining yourself by your terms, and picking a tribe that will love the real you. These are all great but if you don't nurture the beautiful person you are, take care of them and love them, it'll all be for naught.

Self-love time can be anything honestly. Reading, writing, meditation, exercise, painting, crafting, cooking, anytime where you're alone with your thoughts. You don't need money to do it, but sometimes I love to take myself out to lunch to read.

When I'm really stressed out, I paint, usually watercolors because it forces me to be patient, but other times I just ignore the world and read.

Finding time is a challenge sometimes, because of family or your job, but making the time for yourself is critical. If you make time for your husband and your kids, you can make time for you, even if it's only 15 minutes.

Do you already have that one thing in mind that you can do, to nurture yourself? Good, but why should you do it?

A lot of times Mr. Bear and I will fight because of a lack of communication, either I said something and he misheard it (or vice-versa) or we haven't been upfront about our feelings and are assuming for the other person. Your relationship with yourself can be similar, because if you don't begin to communicate with yourself, you'll get nowhere.

Communication started when you did the prompts from the previous blog posts, finding your tribe, and figuring out why they were the ones you chose. Labeling who you were and who you want to be. Finding 10 good things you like about yourself, for the times you doubt yourself. You started the communication with the part of your self that needs nurtured.

When you continue the communication I want you to find a few things about yourself that need work, and being completely honest with you right now, I want to work on impulse control, being more understanding/accepting of opinions that differ from mine and putting my health first.

I like to start with why? Why are these so hard for me. Now I could go all the way back to childhood, and if you want do that, but to save time, i'll start at the present. Impulse control is hard because I'm trying to take control. Seem backwards? Yeah that's how it usually is in my head. So how can I start to work towards impulse control? Well next time I want to buy something that I don't need, why don't I wait a day and if I still want it, wait another day. If I get to day 5 and I still want that object, I can buy it.

Start talking to yourself, journal if it helps.

You should love yourself as much as others love you, and you should put in as much effort into yourself as you put into others.

So today, I want you schedule time with yourself, even if it's 5 minutes. Be alone with your thoughts, once you get used to that voice in your head, it isn't so scary.

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