13 July, 2016

Day 3: Stop Talking Bad About Yourself (3 Things)

Welcome back to day three of Self-Love week! Yesterday we talked about labels, and it'll come in handy today. This post is going to start with a story, which I hope you'll stick with.

When I was 16, I was living with my mom and dating this guy, he was my first love, or what I thought love was at the time. We broke up but before that, when we were still dating he had introduced me to his church. I fell in love with the church and the people and started going all the time. So after the break up my relationship with the church intensified. One February evening at the youth group meetup, I felt called to love Jesus, and I was "saved". At the time there was a lot of personal crap going on and he became a literal refudge from all of it.

I was due to be baptized at summer camp and while there I decided to change somethings about me I didn't like, one was how much I cursed, but I'm not an adult and I don't give a damn (see what I did there). Two, was to stop thinking so badly about myself. I was only 16 and I recognized than that I didn't like myself. So my theory of 3 things was born.

At 16, I feel like your brain is only functioning at like 50% because the other half is full of hormones (haha) but my beautiful mind came up with the idea that everytime I said or thought something bad about myself, I had to say 3 things that I liked about myself.

That is a practice I still use today.

Sometimes they're about my appearance, I like my eyes and my nose and my hair, sometimes I talk about how I'm funny and kind and observant. It really depends on the mood, but it's about retraining your brain to hear a different set of labels. When all you see is the bad labels, you lose sight of what beautiful things you have to offer.

Next time you think of your negative labels and aren't sure you like who that person is, or you're seeing some of the old you today, remember you're a beautiful, wonderful work in progress, but you need to get your brain and the negative things it thinks lining up with your heart.

So today please write out a list of 10 things you like about yourself, maybe they have NOTHING to do with your labels from yesterday, but you'll probably see some overlap!

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