12 July, 2016

Day 2: Which Labels Define your Life?

Glad to see you back on day two of Self-Love week! If you haven't pinned or facebook shared these posts, could you? I want as many people on this self-love train as we can fit!

Back when I first started therapy over a year ago, my first therapist, focused A LOT on labels. The words I use to describe myself, and the words I remember being used to describe me as a kid/teen. These were important because they formed who I thought I was and what I acted like.

I spent a lot of my youth lying, because of that I don't consider myself honest, except now as an adult I tend to be honest to a fault. Telling the truth ALL the bloody time, and not being graceful with the truth.

With my newest therapist, we took all those labels and made a little picture (I'll include it below) we discussed the (negative) labels that made up my past, and the labels of the person that I am/want to be. These were labels I want to strive for and things that I already am. I named her Hermione, because could I pick a more bad ass fictional character? She is everything that I am and will become. I printed her out, and she now sits in my wallet, reminding me daily that I can choose to be her, because it is my choice.

When you let labels like "fat" "liar" "lazy" "selfish" rule your life, you miss out on what you have to offer. I can be all of those things, but I'm also strong, and smart and open-minded and I'm a damn hard worker. So I can choose what labels define me.

Part of loving yourself, is cutting yourself a break on the things you've been told that you either have become or aren't true, because the person that told you, while well-meaning maybe didn't realize how much that would effect you. No one in my past or present that expresses concern over my weight is doing it to harm me, they mean the best, they just don't realize how effected I am by their words.

Also while you begin to work on your labels, realize the ones that are their because of forces beyond your control. I have impulse control, because growing up we didn't always have a lot, but I also wasn't shown good impulse control. That bit of me is beyond me, but I can change it, it doesn't mean I don't have power or I'm a victim, it just means you didn't grow that. Don't get bogged down by all the things beyond your control, because you can't change them today. 

Today, I would like you to use the image below and fill out your own person. Fill out two, one for the past or the person you don't want to be and one for the present and future you. 

Here are some quotes to take with or start the wheels turning.

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