11 July, 2016

Day 1: The People that Love you Don't Mind

Welcome to day 1, of this Self-Love encouragement week. While we're doing this if you need more encouragement, want to discuss this topic more or are struggling with something, please feel free to reach out to me either in a comment or on Facebook. 

The people that love you don't mind. You need to make that your mantra, whenever you wear something daring or find yourself disliking yourself.

We have three groups of people that we interact with on a regular.

One, the strangers, and this may even apply to co-workers or acquaintances. These people are undoubtedly judging you. The same way you judge a person on first glance, they're staring at your clothes and your body and making assumptions. Did I scare you? Well guess what, those people, they don't know you, they don't spend time with you and they're not invested into your life. So while they judge you, they don't know the beauty inside of you.

Two, this group is going to be made up of friends and family, and it's honestly heart breaking. These are the people who are quick to tell you that you don't size up, you don't measure up to their standards for your life. This is the person that labels you a lot, and doesn't encourage you on your walk. These people while I hope are well-meaning and not trying to discourage you, do make you feel bad about yourself. They are also judging you, but because they discourage you, you don't open up to them. You don't become your true self, around them, so don't give them the power to knock you down anymore. We'll talk about this group more, this week.

Three, this is group that you hold onto tightly. Don't let go. This is your tribe, your clan your whatever you want to call it. These are people who hug you when you cry, laugh when you fall on your ass and when you buy a bikini for the first time in your life, they don't say "ok" and move on, they tell you how beautiful you look, and how proud they are of you. These are the people that matter. When you wear that bikini they don't judge your thighs or tummy, they ask where you bought it. Because these people see past every flaw, and they love you. They love the worst and the past. They tell you, how worthy and beautiful you are. Talk to these people.

Ok so you know the three groups, how can this help you? Going forward I want you to repeat your mantra: "The people that love you, don't mind." So when you brave a bikini or shorts or a tank top (ps I've done all of these and posted about them, if I can do it, you can too) these are the people to tell, and run to. Don't call up group two (I did this too) because you won't get encouragement, they'll either ignore it or question why you're doing it. Don't stop loving group two, but realize and put them where they belong.

How does figuring out who matters, matter? Self-love is a journey, and it is sort of a destination, but you won't be able to do this by yourself. You need to find your tribe, find those group of people, no matter the size, that will be there for you in the low moments and cheer you on in the best. If you don't know where to find a tribe, look no further. I'll be your tribe. Show me your bikini or your shorts or your attempts at a winged eyeliner, because no matter what you look like, there is someone beautiful on the inside. Remember that.

Today's prompt, I want you to name the people in your tribe. Whether it's two people or twenty, name them. Keep that list, because I want you to talk to them. Hell invite them on this journey, share the post or tell them that you're trying to love yourself more.


  1. So, I think I will post my list in the group that most of my tribe is in. I have a few people that are not in my online tribe group. But most of them are there. <3 Brandi Hector <3

  2. I love you girly- thank you for this. It was really needed <3 You are inspirational!


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