15 June, 2016

My Fat is NOT Contagious

I'm going to answer the question that you will inevitably ask. I am over 300 lbs. Yup, I said it. It wasn't your business, but instead of spending the next five minutes looking at my picture and wondering, there it is.

Now, let's move forward. 

Recently, Mr. Bear and I took off for his brother's wedding in California. I've only flown a couple of times since I passed 250 lbs, so as always I was nervous, but Not for security, because I've been there and done that. No, I was nervous about the seats and how much more I would have to pay. Hubby and I are not small people, but I'm the bigger of the two, which is a topic of a whole other blog post. 

My big asthmatic butt made it through the airport and security. Success! Woohoo party time, because that was no easy feat! I don't walk grocery stores, but I was DETERMINED. 

We boarded the plane and off we went. Each leg of our trip out to California had a layover, but that's when this incredibly weird thing started to happen. In an overly packed airport, with tons of people, I always managed to have seats around me. Strangers would stand, sit on the floor, but ignore the seat next to me. 

 Now I'm a very observant person, especially of people (thanks, mom). I also have a brain that is geared to pick up patterns, so when it doesn't just happen once or twice but we're now talking 7 or 8 times, I'm going to pay attention. 

Here came my experiment. Next time we flew I picked a seat near the gate where there would be a need to sit down and wait to talk to the attendant. Sure enough, my theory was proven. No one would sit directly next to me, ever. For the most part, people didn't make conversation. 

Having hour long layovers gives you time to watch people. It's a wonderful thing, but when you're already upset and sensitive about your body size, understanding that people don't want to come near you is just a little too much. 

 So let me set the record straight, my fat, my size, and my eating habits are NOT contagious. You won't wake up tomorrow 300 lbs, you won't suddenly feel the need to binge. I can't rub diabetes or heart disease off on you (by the way, I don't have either, I've been checked). 

Fat shaming isn't something that's just done with your words, it's in the looks and the behaviors you exhibit. So next time you see an overweight person, who appears alone, don't be afraid. We won't eat you for dinner, pizza is so much better tasting (see what I did there?!). 

 I am an incredibly intelligent, funny and kind person. I love talking about Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones, but don't talk to me about politics, we probably won't agree. Please feel free to talk about good food and fun places you visit, because chances are I'll like them too. 

This overly-sensitive, fat girl, wants to promise you that my fat does not define me, as does it not define the others who suffer like me.

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