30 May, 2016

Tank Tops and Arm Jiggle

This is going to be another very HONEST post, so bare with me or move along.

I have fat, jiggly arms.

They are not my favorite part of my body, far from it.

But I can no longer put on a cardigan or a long sleeved shirt in 85 degree weather for the sake of avoiding the judgement.

No one has every come out and said, "Please cover up your arm jiggle." (Thank God) but the looks and the whispers and the concerned faces, tell me that I'm not acceptable.

Well F that. Today I needed a pep talk from my tribe, and they of course rose to the occasion to encourage and remind me that I'm a beautiful person and no amount of arm jiggle will stop that from being true. Yes my outer appearance might turn you away, you might not want to be friends because of who I am, but that's your lose. Not to sound prideful, but I am a pretty cool person. Want to talk Harry Potter, I'm your girl. Want to marathon watch Star Wars, look no further? Love Game of Thrones, or computer games, or old nintendo, or reading, then I could be your best friend. I also LOVE food, and watching funny youtube videos. I will encourage you at every turn and always be there.

Arm jiggle be damned. I wore a tank top, I rocked it, even next to the catty soccer moms who threw mad shade my way every time Mr. Choo Chom called for me to help him at the playground today.

So I encourage you beautiful blogging world, to look at the part you hate the most, or the least, or the in between, but stop giving it the power to make you feel badly, or tear you down. I avoid going out in the summer because it's too hot to wear long sleeves, no longer. My arm jiggles won't take any more summers from me.

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