20 April, 2016

Cloth Pads - Part 2

Hello, Beautiful Blogging World!! We meet again to discuss Cloth Pads, this time I want you to meet the pads and supplies necessary to enter this world!

I'll be sharing pictures of most of my pads, and trying to remember every store. I'll also share some personal experience with them, and what "style" you would call them.

Again if you have any questions, please reach out to me, I'll be happy to discuss Cloth Pads with you!

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As I'm introducing you, I'll try to describe the pad, but also give you my honest opinion. Only two of the "shops" I mention are on etsy, so you have to be added to the group and approved by an admin for the facebook groups. Don't let that discourage you, some of the best pads I've ordered are from facebook.

I can't recall the maker of these pads, but I will remark on the shape. As a front to center bleeder, these are amazing. These are regular absorb so once they're on I can't feel them at all!

These are LoveLeyna on facebook. I love her fabrics, and the pattern is great for light days. As a mostly front bleeder, these are less used because they lack a flare, but that's a personal reason. I do use these a lot after intimate times, however.

Both of these groups are Sew Sweet Stitches by Ashley! I am absolutely in LOVE with her pads, both in style and in quality! She keeps a LOT of Harry Potter prints, which makes my heart happy, but beyond that, I can wear hers on heavy days or light days! All of the pads I have from her are knit fabrics which are so soft and comfortable. I just can't stop saying how much I LOVE her pads!!

These pads are called "exposed core" pads, the core and pattern are sewn (actually surged I think) onto a backing of either fleece or flannel (usually fleece). These are from SkyeBaby, and are regular absorbency. These are wonderful on my light days!

Another maker who used the exposed core style is Frontier Fluff! These are much larger than the SkyeBaby ones, and the flare is a little bit more pronounced so I wear these on my heavy days.

These pads hold a special place in my heart, as my first pads. They're from Handmade by Alycia, and though I've struggled with the staining, that's a fabric issue. I love the length and flare of these pads, and my only "complaint" if you want to call it that is the thickness. Most of these are Heavy/Postpartum so it's no surprise that I still feel them, but I love when I can't.

The famous Mother Moon Pads! These were so talked about by pretty much everyone who uses cloth pads, that I had to give them a try, and I was NOT disappointed! These are extremely comfortable, and wide and long, just how I like it ;) ok stupid joke, but I wear these pads quite often.

Oh, how can I say how much I adore these pads? These are from Positively Crafty, and they're WONDERFUL. I will say that because of the pronounced flare, and her use of flannel, they are on the thick side, so if you don't want to feel them I would think about that, but these are seriously comfortable and beautifully made! Also, the owner was an absolute delight to work with!

So now you've "met" my pads, there are MANY other sellers out there, and if you reach out to me on facebook, I'd be glad to point some more out to you. I didn't share some sellers that I've ordered from because of my dissatisfaction with the product. I also choose not to "slam" them on the internet, so really read reviews and ask questions before you order.

Ok now onto the SUPPLIES you'll need for this adventure:

This is my pad box. It sits in my bathroom, on a shelf (see picture below). I keep them in here because it's accessible and it doesn't really show what's going on, BUT at almost 50 pads, I'm almost out of room. So I'll probably be converted to a different storage solution soon.

So this picture is a little confusing, but I wanted to draw your attention to the bag, hanging on the wall. That is my "wet bag", no it's not actually wet. That is where I store my soiled pads until they're ready to soak.

My OxiClean and stain stick! So I wanted to go as chemical free as possible since that was a big motivation for switching to cloth pads. So getting OxiClean free, and the Buncha Farmer's Laundry Stick is all natural. The stain stick is like heaven. It takes out blood, and since it was sold at a diaper store I'm sure it takes out more (if you catch my drift). Not pictured, is my tide free and clear, laundry detergent.

My drying rack, now some have said they use a dryer on low, but I prefer air drying. It doesn't leave the pads stiff in my opinion, but that's just me. I bought this at target for like $15, and I use it for a lot of other things. Also pictured at the bottom, is my zippered garment bag. I would highly recommend the zippered, instead of a drawstring, but that's just me. 

Hope you enjoyed meeting my pads. Next post will be me cleaning my dirty pads, because I'm currently on shark week, so you'll actually get to see it. 

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