16 January, 2016

Younique 3D Lashes and Mineral Touch Cream Foundation

I have been anxiously awaiting this review for awhile, mostly because I've been anxiously awaiting ordering these products.

Let me first start out by saying, that I know next to nothing about make-up, I rarely (barely once a year) wear anything more then foundation, eyeliner and mascara, so I'm not by an stretch an expert. I'm just a make-up wearer (is that a word?) and a blogger. Hence this post!

So I ordered the 3D Fiber Lashes, and the Mineral Touch Cream Foundation. I had originally wanted the liquid foundation, but due to the holidays (I'm assuming) there wasn't a lot of selection. So I decided to try the cream, hoping for more coverage then just a powder.

First I'll review the 3D fiber lashes. 

You see all the images on Facebook of how incredible this mascara is, but as a skeptical person, I really didn't know. It wasn't until I saw some of my friends wearing it that I really decided it might be worth it! Overall, I'm amazed by the product, and with only two cons, I'll end up buying again!
Beautiful packaging (would make an easy gift)
Clear instructions included
Obvious difference in lash length and fullness
Lashes don't look like fake lashes, they just look long and full
Easy removal, with standard face wipes from target
Some lash (particles??) got in my eye, resulting in very itchy eyes
Multiple steps in application, it's not just one sweep over your lashes like normal mascara (not really a con, but needed to be mentioned)

I think in my day-to-day as a nanny, I'll end up using regular mascara (if I wear any at all) because I'm not really dressing up for anyone, but for a date, or even going out with friends I'll enjoy wearing this!

Now onto the Mineral Touch Cream Foundation (in Velour)

At first I had heard about the liquid touch (mentioned above), and watched the videos of people applying sharpies to their faces and it easily covered up with the liquid. With the acne flare ups I've been having over the last year, I wanted something with a lot of coverage, so I'll honestly say I was disappointed when they didn't have it available (but next time)! The cream foundation isn't a disappointment at all, so it all worked out well.
Easy application (I purchased younique's beauty blenders, but I'm sure others would work) and it went on easy
Beautiful packaging (again, not just the box it came in but the actual compact it's in is awesome with a decently sized mirror.)
Even coverage that didn't leave unblended or heavy areas (maybe that's just due to it being the right color)
Light and airy feeling
My stubborn acne areas were not completely covered, but the trade off is, it's a light and airy foundation that didn't cake on.
Oily feeling to my skin. I'll be honest, I've never used a cream foundation, so maybe this is true for all cream foundations, but it didn't "dry" and just felt fresh for the few hours I had it on. 

I would wear this in my day-to-day. The slight oily feeling it left wasn't bad enough that it felt heavy. It's coverage was good compared to the drugstore one I had been using. Application was quick.

Pre-application, fresh faced

After the foundation and one eye has lashes

Both eyes done!! With some eyeliner

As you can see from the pictures, the foundation took care of a lot of the redness on my face, but left a few acne areas. The mascara was incredible, the look that you see with one eye done and the other not, was only with two applications. 

I purchased my younique products from my cousin Stacy, you can find her website here. She's amazing and can help you pick out what will work best for you!!

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