22 October, 2015

Fall Date Ideas

Fall is my favorite season, so when Mr. Bear and I were discussing what to do this fall, I thought I would make a list of the fun fall date ideas that we're going to try and do.
So in honor of our anniversary, I've predated this blog post for fun date ideas!

You can also find a pdf version of this list to print out here

1.       Lay out under the stars
2.     Coloring books, legos, a blanket fort and lunchables
3.     Pumpkin Patch (photo shoot)
4.      Drive around with your favorite fall drink searching for the most beautiful fall trees.
5.     Rake up a leaf pile and jump in it
6.     Bake a pie together
7.      Go on a camping trip (recommended for married couples).
8.     Build a bonfire & roast s’mores. 
9.     Snuggle under a blanket & watch the Lord of the Rings series (a fall tradition in our family).
10.  Carve a pumpkin or two.
11.    Drive through a park & enjoy a picnic in your car on an extra cool fall day.
12.  Get breakfast and watch the sunrise over the golden fall leaves.
13.  Go on a hayride.
14.   Grab your cameras & go exploring for the perfect fall shot.
15.  Spend the day exploring a new town & enjoying all of their local fall fair.
16.  Go to a football game or football practice.
17.   Dress up in formal attire, attend a classical concert or opera, then stop at a local coffee shop & share a hot beverage & festive dessert.
18.  Watch the sun set over the fall trees, snuggled under a warm blanket, sharing your favorite fall drink.
19.  Go horseback riding through the falling leaves.
20.Take a mini fall road trip & don’t be afraid to put away the maps & get lost in the beauty of fall.

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