19 July, 2017

DIY - All-Purpose Cleaner

So a post a few weeks ago really caught my attention, and it was a large list of products that are not cruelty-free, and I was overwhelmed by how many of those products are currently in my home. So I set about to find other options so that as I run out of the products currently in my home I could replace them with products I feel good having in my home.

For the past few months, I've been using vinegar to clean my toilet bowl. It works better than any other cleaner that I can buy in any store. I have some stubborn stains at the bottom of my bowl that you'll see in the pictures, but those had been stuck in my whole bowl. After trying bleach and about five different toilet bowl cleaners I finally gave vinegar a try, and after an hour soak, I was finally getting some of the most stubborn stains off. After an overnight soak, my toilet bowl looked like new. Now weekly, I dump some vinegar in my bowl leave it to sit for an hour while I'm flipping and folding laundry and then run the toilet brush over it.

So I wondered if I could apply my love of vinegar into a DIY all-purpose cleaner and after a quick browse of the internet, I found a recipe I liked, and one I'm happy to share with you!

24 May, 2017

I Was My Only Limit

It took London, and a break away from my real life for me to realise that I had been limiting myself. It hadn't been on purpose, it had just happened over the years, that I had slowly been stripping away my own abilities. Yes, you read that right, that I had been doing it to myself. It wasn't anyone else who had created these limitations for me. It wasn't anyone else's preconceived notions of my abilities. No, it had been my own assumptions at my abilities. But London up-ended that, showed me that I'm capable of far more than I gave myself credit for.

23 May, 2017

Nannylife: Reporting a broken lip tie

This is not my normal fun, or even motivational post, but it's a necessary subject nontheless, and one that I wanted to share so others could use this information.

Not my picture, just my caption on the picture.

19 May, 2017

Non-Touristy Things to do In London

This blog post has taken me WAY TOO LONG to write, for that, I apologise! I can only claim, distraction, but I did want to write an entire blog post about some of the best non-touristy things to do in London, or at least the ones I experienced.

17 May, 2017

I'm Changed

I sat in therapy yesterday, feeling the wash of emotions as I once again was overwhelmed at the mountain of change that I still needed to make, almost forgetting the huge changes I've already made in my life to date. And this is why I go to therapy, so I have someone to remind me, of all the mountains I've already traversed, all the progress I've already made, and how far I've come. Because I am changed, I'm a completely different person, and who I am now, is the best version of myself, but she's also a work in progress.

02 May, 2017

A Beautiful April Saturday

Last Saturday was one of the blissful Saturdays that Josh gives me where it's all about meeting my needs. So it was a day full of shopping, then out to a late lunch, following by a trip to a local bakery so I could try macaroons for the first time!

01 May, 2017

The secrets to OUR happy marriage

Mr Bear and I will be the first ones to tell you that while we may have a happy marriage, it's hard work and it's not happy every single moment, but we spend the vast majority of our days and moments happy to be in each other's company.